The Rabbit Hole #10🕳

2 min readJan 26, 2022

Platformization of Society is so Web 2.

• People had spare rooms and wanted extra cash — AirBnb made a platform for that
• People wanted to connect more online and grow their network — LinkedIn made a platform for that
• People had extra time and wanted more cash — Uber made a platform for that
• People wanted to get into the stock market but had very little cash — Robinhood made a platform for that

And the list goes on…

Enter Web 3’s Tokenization of Society:

• Assets will be digitized: houses, cars, boats, and more can now be bought and sold as NFTs in a hyper-liquid market secured by smart-contracts. #nfts

• Digital Careers will be fractionalized: DAOs will eat the digital labor market as people can now work fractional-jobs, choosing to work on one project from 9am-4pm, pick up the kids from school, and then work a small job from 6–8pm. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone started to work more like a freelancer and work on their own accord. #greatresignation

• Tokenization of Social Networks: Creators will be able to sell fractions of their channels to loyal followers so they can share in the revenues brought in by their content, while giving up front capital to the creators themselves. This will lower the barrier to entry for many new creators so they can fund their projects before making any money.
Investing in a startup will be as simple as buying their first NFT drop or ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The value of these investments will grow with the business. #socialnetworking

• Wallets will become the new bank accounts: Got a paycheck? It gets deposited to your Seashell Bank Account Wallet earning 10% APY or Terraform Labs Station Wallet where you can park it in Anchor Protocol to earn 20% APY. #savings

Want to become the next multimillionaire? Make a platform powered by smart contracts that does one of the examples above (and definitely let me know so I can invest!)

What do you think will be the next big innovation as we tokenize society? Comment on LinkedIn here⬇️




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