The Rabbit Hole #14 🕳

Why I’m bullish on Avalanche ($AVAX) in 2022🔺📈

• Low fees, high speeds (4,500 transactions per second)

• EVM compatible

• Plans for integration with Cosmos

• Avalanche’s X-P-C Chains structure is super scalable

• Apricot Upgrade — eventual pruning will help decrease size of blockchain allowing for more decentralization and more validator nodes to store the network which increases security

• There are plans and designs to release a Mobile Avalanche Wallet App on roadmap which will lead to more adoption and increase of ease in interaction

The Ava Labs team is also stacked for the space (Emin Gun Sirer is definitely someone to follow) and they have raised over $290.1M as of September 2021 which gives the project huge resources to expand🙌

What do you think of the Avalanche network? Comment on LinkedIn⬇️



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