The Rabbit Hole #4🕳

Today, let’s talk about mental health and crypto.

It used to be easy with just stocks. The market would only be open from 9am-5pm, and would even close on Holidays.

Crypto and NFT markets are different. No breaks. No time off. They run 24/7/365.

This has led to a fast-paced innovative environment which can be a great thing! But after a while, it becomes so easy to constantly be sucked in. I’m the first to admit I can barely stay off NFT marketplaces while constantly scanning Discords for solid projects to mint🤚

But we have to take care of ourselves and our mental health and learn to not fall into the trap of FOMO in this new world. We owe that much to ourselves.

I’d like to hear how you handle the 24/7 fast-paced crypto markets and maybe you can help me disconnect. Vote in the poll on LinkedIn and comment!



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