The Rabbit Hole #8🕳

Jan 24, 2022

Why is it always those in the financial sector who attack decentralized finance #DeFi for being energy-intensive?

Let’s disregard the energy inefficiencies of the banking system really quick and focus on crypto models versus something small like a Visa Credit Card transaction which uses 0.00092 kWh.

This is actually a lot when compared to Stellar (XLM) at 0.00022 kWh per transaction and Iota (IOTA) at 0.00011kWh per transaction. Even a Solana transaction uses less energy than 2 Google searches (0.00051 kWh per transaction). Not to mention, once we finally migrate to ETH2, Ethereum’s Proof of Stake model will decrease emissions by 99%.

Crypto is more sustainable than people think.

What do you believe will be the most sustainable blockchain?

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